5 Reasons You Need UTOPIA Internet

In 2020 UTOPIA internet laid 1.4 million feet of fiber optic cable in Utah. Fiber internet is becoming more regularly available and popular every day, and it’s no wonder why! It’s capable of providing you with speeds that traditional internet can’t even dream of. 

As technology advances and our computing capabilities grow, the need for an internet connection that exceeds our expectations has never been higher. Below you will learn all about UTOPIA internet, and why it’s a solution you need in your life. 

Why You Need UTOPIA Internet 

If you live or work along the Wastch front, then chances are you’ve run across UTOPIA internet a time or two. But why is it so popular? What makes it stand out against its competition and deserve a connection to your home?  

We Mean Speed 

The most glaring benefit to fiber internet is its SPEED. And UTOPIA internet doesn’t hold back. You can watch movies, play video games, even stream video calls without ever slowing down. In fact, with its 10 gig capabilities, it can be 9,400% faster than typical American broadband! Whether you’re uploading or downloading you can potentially see speeds anywhere from 250 to 1000 Mbps! In a world of instant, fiber internet delivers! 

Never Be Disrupted  

With all this speed comes a plethora of advantages! When you use UTOPIA internet, you won’t have to worry about your game, movie, or zoom being disrupted by someone else in your household connecting. It can handle all your devices at the same time without slowing you to a screeching halt. Plus, you’ll have your own home or office will have its own dedicated connection, not a shared, unreliable connection like you would see with most other service providers. Keeping you on the internet superhighway!  

UTOPIA internet

UTOPIA Internet is Easy 

When you choose the right UTOPIA internet provider, installation is a breeze! Here at SUMO FIBER, we can get youready to go in 6 easy steps! First, of course, is making sure that you are within the UTOPIA internet area. Don’t worry if you aren’t though, we can help you find another option to keep you online until fiber is available.  Utopia is constantly working to expand their network! 

Once we’ve helped you discover if you are within the service area, we help you pick the right package for your needs. We then schedule your installation, and help you find the right equipment. Once all fiberoptics are in place and connected you simply plug your Wifi router in, then you’re ready to sit back and relax!! We make it as easy as possible for you to start benefiting from UTOPIA internet quickly and painlessly. 

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Increase Your Property Value 

Did you know that having fiber internet installed can increase your property value by as much as 3.1%? It’s such a great utility that installing it instantly makes your property more valuable. While some could argue that internet itself is a necessity today, fiber internet is definitely a luxury that you won’t be able to live without once you’ve grown accustom.  

This functionality puts your home in higher demand just by having the existing connection. If down the road you’re looking to make a move, UTOPIA internet helps you make more money off your existing home and gives you a great leveraging tool to land that sale. 

Be Future Ready 

Traditional internet with its copper wiring has nearly reached its full potential. This means that even as our connection needs grow and our technology capabilities improve, we will still be held down by the outdated copper solution.  

UTOPIA internet fiber optic cables are nowhere near their full potential. So as technology advances, it can readily handle all we have to throw at it. Providers will simply update their transmitters and receivers as that specific technology improves, without having to worry about placing thousands of miles of new conduit. Your home or business is now future ready and thriving! 

SUMOFIBER Has the Best Connections 

UTOPIA internet is a great product if you’ve ever doubted your current internet for even a moment. But what does that have to do with SUMOFIBER?  

UTOPIA internet is just the infrastructure. Think of it like electric. It’s put into place to be used by the general public, but they only worry about putting in the fiber optics, and don’t have anything to do with helping its users get connected. This is where SUMOFIBER comes in! 

SUMOFIBER is a locally owned UTOPIA Fiber service provider. We’re the highest rated provider in the area, and we’re dedicated to unlocking all the benefits of fiber internet for our customers. With UTOPIA internet capable of reaching over 100,000 addresses, SUMOFIBER looks forward to helping your connection reach record-breaking speeds! Contact us today to get started or head over to our order page to check availability and get connected! 


SUMOFIBER is a local Utah business offering a grassroots approach to customer service that is rare among other providers. Our goal is to be responsive, professional, and dependable with a team that stands ready to help you succeed. Whether you’re a business, large or small or a residential customer, you will receive the attention you deserve and SUMOFIBER is ready to help!

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