The Business Benefits of Fiber Internet in Utah 

Other than your employees, there may be no more important asset to your business than a reliable Internet connection. Whether you utilize the internet for your communications solutions, or to operate your business in other ways, a trustworthy internet connection is paramount to a successful business.  

Fiber is a newer technology than traditional broadband via copper or cable lines. Businesses have seen returns on their investment in fiber Internet, so should you make the transition to fiber also?  

What is Fiber Internet Utah? 

Fiber Internet is where data travels through cables containing fibers or thin glass. The cables and hubs are buried underground. Due to the underground network, it is naturally protected from the weather, and can cover a longer distance than copper wiring.  There are three types of fiber internet, and they deliver various speeds: 

  • Fiber-to-the-node (FTTN): Fiber cables reach within a mile of your premises. It’s been determined this is the slowest. 
  • Fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC): The fiber gets to the poles outside your location and a coax cable finishes the job. 
  • Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP): This is the fastest and most stable. The fiber is direct to your premises. 

Now that we’ve outlined what fiber Internet is, here are the business benefits of fiber Internet Utah. 

Fiber Internet Utah is Fast 

Fiber Internet Utah is faster than the fastest copper Internet and offers speeds between 30 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. It’s been calculated as 20x faster than cable because DSL and cable speeds can suffer if there’s a lot of traffic.  

Not only does traffic impact speed, but the further away the data is from its source, the slower the speeds. Even when demand is at its peak, your business won’t suffer any lag. Gone are the days of, “Hey, are we having Internet speed problems?” Slow Internet connections have cost businesses a week of productivity. It may not seem like much, but it will add up over time. 

Fiber Internet is Optimized for the Cloud 

The cloud is integral for businesses for data storage, applications, and so much more. In fact, 70% of businesses are using the cloud in some fashion. The faster your connection, the quicker you can access your valuable business data and applications. This means, fewer delays in accessing your information from your software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications or those important sales quotes. 

Fiber Internet Utah is becoming crucial as businesses move to more cloud-based applications. If you’re looking for reliable business fiber Internet in Utah, reach out to SUMOFIBER today! 

Fiber Internet Utah is Reliable 

Fiber Internet Utah is more stable because it’s stronger than copper. Copper can wear out over time and degrades due to weather and other external elements. An unreliable Internet connection has a real impact to your business. Unplanned downtime brings communication and productivity to a hard stop. If your business depends on the Internet for phone calls or applications, reliability is a must. 

Fiber Internet Utah has a Strong Signal 

Traditional DSL or cable’s signal reduces the further away from the switch. Fiber’s signal strength doesn’t weaken as quickly due to distance. Businesses with a large space will enjoy a strong signal throughout their office. 

Fiber’s Bandwidth 

Data transfer is an important business need. Businesses are uploading and downloading documents and working in the cloud all day long. It can be simple to hit data-caps in no time at all. Fiber internet Utah providers may provide unlimited data, and the great news is, speed doesn’t decrease as the bandwidth increases. 

You may not think that you would need a wide bandwidth, but keep in mind how your employees use bandwidth: 

  • Video conferencing 
  • Streaming training videos 
  • File sharing 
  • SaaS/Cloud apps 
  • IoT devices like automated climate control, or automated lighting 

Indicators of low bandwidth include pixelated video, slow speeds, and delays in load time. If you’re experiencing these issues, it may be time to upgrade your Internet. 

Latency and Fiber 

Latency is another word for delay. The lower the latency, the better Internet experience the user will have. Fiber Internet Utah all but removes latency issues which may occur with traditional broadband, especially when downloading or uploading content. Improving your latency could lead to: 

  • Higher voice quality for phone calls 
  • More applications in the cloud 
  • Faster downloads 
  • More efficient collaboration 

Fiber’s Cost Savings 

High speed Internet is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a must have. In fact, high speed internet is now widely considered a tool for productivity. If your business endures slow Internet due to the region, or weather, your business could be losing significant money per year. When you switch to fiber internet, productivity will improve, and your business can scale quickly, especially if you plan on moving to the cloud for your applications. 

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud communications are all tools that have the upside for cost savings from fiber Internet. 

Get Ready for Fiber With SUMOFIBER 

SUMOFIBER provides reliable fiber Internet to keep your business running efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking for the best fiber Internet in Utah, contact SUMOFIBER so we can get you up and running quickly. Contact us today


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