Business Benefits of UTOPIA Fiber

As our world becomes more and more interconnected, our internet functions and capabilities are of utmost importance. Fiber optics provide 25% of the internet to United States consumers. This number is growing rapidly as more consumers learn what fiber optics internet is and how it can benefit their needs.  Moreover, there are many fiber internet providers that install more and more fiber infrastructure every year across the United States.

One such provider is UTOPIA Fiber, who owns and installs the fiber optic infrastructure in Utah and surrounding states. UTOPIA Fiber is unique in that businesses and residential consumers do not go directly to UTOPIA to obtain service, but rather work with a local provider to hook up their new connection. This has quite a few benefits to the consumer. Perhaps the top benefit being the ability to choose your provider (and therefore customer service experience) based on factors that matter to you. All while still getting the fastest internet available. When it comes to obtaining fiber internet for your business, there are many benefits of UTOPIA fiber that can help boost your business. 

How do we get internet? 

To properly explain the benefits of UTOPIA fiber, and fiber internet in general, we must first discuss the alternatives.  There are three types of internets in the United States: DSL, Cable, and Fiber. And while all three will get the job done, there are major differences between the newer technologies involved with fiber internet and the more traditional DSL and cable. 

DSL and cable internet both run on copper wiring, which is the same technology landline telephones use to make phone calls. This technology was designed to only transmit voice via electrons. Therefore, the amount of data transmitted by copper wiring is limited. 

On the other hand, fiber internet runs through fiber optic cables.  These cables are smaller and more flexible than copper wiring.  The data sent through fiber optic cables is sent via light (optics). Light can travel farther without distorting the data. 

Benefits of UTOPIA Fiber

Along with the ability to send data further distances without distortion, there are many business benefits of UTOPIA fiber. In the section below, you will find our top seven benefits of UTOPIA fiber. 


Internet today needs to run quickly in order for your business to properly provide service to your customers.  Fiber internet has speeds available up to 100 gbps. These are the fastest speeds available for internet to-date. 

2. Reliability 

Copper and coaxial cables are not as reliable physical connections as fiber cables. The electrical grid has a major impact on copper and coaxial cables, but fiber cables are less vulnerable to electrical disturbances. 

3. Security 

As a business, you deal with classified material regularly.  This material, along with all your customer’s private information needs to remain safe and secure. With fiber internet, data moves through light waves. Data moving through light is hard for hackers to reach.  

4. Scalability 

Once you have fiber optic internet installed, scalability is easy.  With just a quick phone call, you can increase or decrease as your business requires. 

5. Cost 

The cost of fiber tends to be less (by half!) than cable or DSL lines. This is due to the amount of data fiber can handle.  For the same price that you pay for DSL or cable; you can get double the bandwidth with fiber optic internet.  

6. VoIP 

As with the rest of data being transmitted over copper wiring, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) works better over fiber. This is due to the size of the data being transmitted. Calls can be heard more clearly, ensuring a better business or customer interaction.    

7. UTOPIA Fiber-fully dedicated 

UTOPIA Fiber offers a fully dedicated line for their customers.  A fully dedicated line means that bandwidth is not shared with any other customers. This cuts down on lag time that happens with lines that share bandwidth. 

If you have noticed that your internet service slows down at a certain time each day, this is because the internet service you use has you sharing bandwidth with other customers that are also using the internet service at the same time as you. 


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