What Is Sentiment Analysis? 

WHAT IS sentiment analysis

Over the last ten years, you’ve probably heard sentiment analysis mentioned by other telecom companies and providers – especially when discussing how to improve customer service. But what exactly is it? How can it improve customer service? And what does it have to do with VoIP? We’re here to answer those questions! Not only that […]

Call Transcription – Why You Might Need It 

people reading a call transcription

Non-verbal customer support options – such as chatbots and online forms – have surged over the last ten years. As more customer support centers began taking an omnichannel approach to connecting with customers, it seemed like calling had fallen by the wayside. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, over 98% of consumers are […]

Switching to Hosted PBX

The T1-PRI/PBX era has seen the last of its days. With the emergence of Hosted PBX, a more efficient solution, many have been making the switch. Planning ahead could save you thousands. SUMO FIBER assists its customers with assessing their current situation, finding key areas where they could be saving money, and how to switch […]