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Cellular PBX

Your Business Just Went Mobile!

Give your team access to their entire business phone, without having to use their own personal plans or information, from the devices they already know and love.

SUMO Mobile Is not an app!

SUMO Mobile is a cellular connection that gets added onto your existing smart phone. Cellular PBX uses the native mobile features of your cellular device, but allows you to switch to your business line. Enabling you to have two phones built into your one device! This protects your team’s personal information while maintaining your brands integrity and reducing the number or electronics needing to be maintained.

Capabilities of

Cellular PBX

No App For That

Use your smart phones native dialer, text and caller ID, while still maintaining your business identity and protecting your team's personal line.

Capabilities of

Cellular PBX

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Smart Roaming

Reduce your chances of having no service by now carrying two plans on your one device. Multiple carriers means a more reliable connection.


With Cellular PBX send messages to customers using your cellphones native application, but through your business line.

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Call Recording

Just like you would with an office phone, easily enable call recording to protect your business and create perfect learning opportunities.

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Access all your business line activity through SUMO Mobile reporting to know when calls were placed and document all customer information.

Poly Elara 60 Docking Station

Who Needs To Have Yet ANOTHER Device In Their Pocket?

Reduce the amount of devices that can be lost, dead, and weighing down your pockets!  Turn your personal smartphone into a business phone with ease, and always have your desk phone with you!

SUMO Mobile Can Do It All!

Turn your one personal device into not just your mobile phone, but also your desk phone, and travel friendly-business line.  

The available Poly Elara 60 Docking Station can Bluetooth connect to your device, turning your mobile phone into a desk phone, with dial pad, headset, and even a charging station!

Transform your mobile device today!

Transform your business

SUMO FIBER is glad to help you choose the phone service that is best for your business. We will help you customize a service that suits your business’s volume of phone calls, on-site hardware capacity, use for certain VoIP features and more.