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S.B. 134: “Materials Harmful to Minors Amendments”

Concerned that consumers were unaware of content filtering services, the Utah State Legislature in 2018 passed S.B. 134, “Materials Harmful to Minors Amendments”. The 2018 amendments mandate that service providers “before December 30, 2018, notify in a conspicuous manner all of the service provider’s consumers with a Utah residential address that the consumer may request” that the provider itself filter material harmful to minors or do so by "engaging a third party to provide" filtering services or by “referring a consumer to a third-party that provides” commercially reasonable filtering services. Utah Code. Ann. § 76-10-1231(3)(b).


Content Filtering


SUMOFIBER is happy to provide Internet Content Filtering.


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Protect up to 3 home networks on single account

Protect all your Internet-connected devices & computers

Protect your computers off the home network with SafeDNS Agent

Protect your network from botnets, phishing and malware websites

Easy configuration via any IP or dynamic DNS service

Fine tune your filtering with three filtering profiles and black/white lists

Block unwanted ads (banners, context, video, pop-ups)