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Integrating your CRM with your phone system has never been easier or more beneficial for your company! With a CRM integration, you are just a click away from improved customer communications. We supply you with the capability to merge a variety of applications with your Hosted PBX phone systemto unlock a plethora of unique features. 

Benefits of CRM Integration

Quick Call Functions

Integrating your CRM with your PBX phone system is all about making calling just a click away. All of the calling features are designed with your customers and your business in mind. 


Enable or disable a variety of different methods of click to call to best suit your business needs .

Call History

Access your call history in your application to quickly respond to and relay past calls

Speed Dial Contacts

Setup speed dial for your frequent contacts to improve response times

Easy System Access 

Our integration was designed with you, our users, in mind. We have made accessing and using our integration tools as quick and user-friendly as possible, so you can benefit your business as conveniently as possible.

Single Sign-On Authentication

Sign on is simple and fast to help improve productivity

Links to PBX Reports

Your application is set up to return to your Reporting page as quickly and easily as possible

Quick Links to Your UC Portal

Easily access your Admin Portal so you can get all of your questions answered quickly

Domain Tracker

View how many domains are using your extension for easy tracking and billing

Integrations We Offer

salesforce crm integration
microsoft teams crm integration
hubspot crm integration
connectwise crm integration

…and more!

Looking to Integrate Your Offerings?

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