Future-Proof Your Internet Speeds

Do you remember dial up internet? We’ve come a long way from internet beginnings. The amount of data and usage of internet has exponentially increased. Internet speed has never been as important as it is in this day and age. With devices in the hands of young and old, more data is being transmitted than ever before. And the fastest internet speed? Fiber internet. Fiber is the technology of the future that has been waiting for you since the 90s. 

What is Fiber? 

Most residential homes and business offices today use cable or DSL internet. This type of internet works when electrical pulses with data filled electrons are pushed through copper cables to transmit information.  Unfortunately, this configuration often causes slow internet speeds. Most neighborhoods or city blocks will have a central hub that connects users to internet service providers (ISPs). The farther a user is away from the hub, the lower their internet speed will be. 

The answer to slow internet speed is fiber. Fiber internet is when fiber optic cables are used to transmit data via light. Due to light’s ability to move faster than electricity (speed of light), fiber has the ability to move more data in less time than cable and DSL. Fiber optic cables are made of glass and plastic and can move data more efficiently than the copper wires designed for voice data.  With Fiber, internet speed is positively impacted and can be up to 10 Gbps. 

Future Technology and Internet Speed 

As society continues to grow more connected through the internet, internet speed becomes vitally important. We crave our digital interactions to be instantaneous with no lag or downtime.  With 10 gig speeds offered by fiber internet, latency is not an issue. 

Our current technologies that would benefit from fast internet speeds include things like remote education, gaming, and video calls. These person-to-person interactions can be negatively affected by weak or slow internet connections. 

There is a need for speedy person-to-machine and machine-to-machine exchanges as well.  Home automation, security, and IoT devices require as little lag as possible. 

With over 2 decades of use, fiber optics can now be connected directly to your home allowing you access to internet speeds previously unattainable. Looking to the future, we know that fiber optics has the capability to allow transmission of more data than copper wires are capable of. 

Business Internet Needs 

Businesses have the opportunity to gain the most from fast internet speeds. Day-to-day office activities can move at lightning speed. Office technology needs to keep up. A slow internet connection can cost a business to lose customers and ruin deals. However, when businesses use fiber optic internet, they will never need to worry about slow internet. 

Not only do businesses utilize computing devices and regular office supplies, IoT devices are also making their way into the office. Security, climate control, break room appliances, and computer automation are sending more and more data regularly. A fast and reliable internet connection will help these devices function properly. 

Businesses no longer only operate in brick-and-mortar stores. Video conferencing and telecommuting may have become lifesavers for those businesses with remote workers. The connections each employee had to the internet allowed some businesses to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With millions of the work force working from home, fast internet speed for residences is becoming important for businesses also. It is estimated that 22% of all US workers will be working remotely by 2025. Clearly, there is a need for residential fiber optic internet. 

Fiber Internet’s Future 

The future of fiber internet looks bright.  Fiber optic cables can adjust to growing internet speed demands. This includes numbers into the terabits! Unlike copper, fiber optic cables are less likely to deteriorate and corrode over time. With less maintenance and repairs, fiber optic cables are the futuristic answer internet data has been looking for. 

A Brighter Future with SUMOFIBER 

Whether you are a regular residential home, home-based office or business, or are a brick-and-mortar office building, SUMOFIBER is here for you. We want to help you reach new possibilities through lightning-fast internet speed made possible by our fiber internet service. 

Prepare yourself for the future and contact us today to get started with fiber. 


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