business phone service

Hosted PBX

Take your business phone service anywhere!

Everything you expect from a business phone service plus enhanced Unified Communications features that allow you to be on the go and NEVER miss that important phone call.

Benefits of Hosted PBX


Local & Long Distance

Call Features

Do Not Disturb, Hold, Transfer, and Call Park

Web Management

Automated Attendant, Call Queue Management, Greetings, and Call Logs and Records

Disaster Recovery

True Geographic Redundancy

business phone service
business phone service


Access Your Desk Phone Anywhere

Call Recording

Listen To & Download Recorded Calls


Meetings Made Easier With Conferencing

Voicemail to Email

Send Voicemails To Your Email

SUMOFIBER Mobile Voice

Visual Attendant

Chat Messaging

Seamless Wi-Fi / Cellular Handoff

Shared Contacts

View Call & Message History

SMS Messaging *

*Business SMS customers, participation in the A2P 10DLC program is required, as well as adherence to CTIA guidelines, including opt-in/opt-out practices.

SUMOFIBER Mobile Voice

Voicemail Transcription

Maintain Business Identity

Siri Integration

Make & Receive Business Calls

Move Calls With You

Record Greetings

International Numbers

In Over

50 countries

Call your clients and prospects from numbers in their area!

Transform your business

SUMO FIBER is glad to help you choose the phone service that is best for your business. We will help you customize a service that suits your business’s volume of phone calls, on-site hardware capacity, use for certain VoIP features and more.