You’ll Be Glad You Switched Now!


Stay On The Forefront Of Technology

Traditional copper infrastructure will be obsolete before you know it because carriers have already begun decommissioning it and ending support. When you make the switch with our POTS replacement solution, you’ll future proof your business communications and stay up to date with technology and ahead of competitors.  


Features & Options You Need

When you make the switch, you don’t just get better communication, you get features that let you handle your day to day easier with increased productivity and efficiency. Get mobility for a remote workforce, collaboration tools for better teamwork, reliability to keep you connected, and better responsiveness for an excellent CX. 

A Solution You Can’t Afford To Skip

The SUMOFIBER POTS replacement option keeps you out of obsolescence and gives you the communications reliability and connectivity you need to take you to the next stage of business success! 

Additional Bandwidth

With multi-wan connection options like cellular, WI-FI, and broadband, you get additional bandwidth and backup for reliability and strong connectivity.

Proactive Protection

With our 24x7 AI powered NOC, you get consistent monitoring and are alerted if there’s any sign of an issue, giving you reliable protection and peace of mind.

Connected & Secure

Our geo redundant data centers keep your data safe if you experience any type of failure or outage, this means you have guaranteed uptime and security.

Seamless Continuity

Our cellular backup option keeps you connected if your primary internet connection goes down. Our cellular backup automatically takes over, ensuring continuity.

Peace Of Mind

Our Uninterrupible Power Supply (UPS) offers you a reliable power source in the event of a brownout or blackout, helping to protect your critical data and equipment.


You Just Get More!

Future Proof

As technology continues to evolve, we get further from traditional solutions like copper lines, replacing keeps you future ready.

Meet Code

There are always compliance requirements you need to meet to keep your business up to date, our service is reliably code compliant.

Grows With You

Our POTS replacement solution is scalable, making it easy and seamless to add to it as your business continues to grow and scale up.

Better Quality

You get crystal clear audio with our POTS alternative giving you a noticeable change in your customer service and satisfaction.

A Beneficial Change!

The benefits that come with replacing your traditional POTS lines just can’t be understated. A POTS line replacement is an investment in your future that pays for itself in efficiency.  

Stay A Step Ahead

Moving away from aging technology keeps you future ready and ahead of competitors that are slow to adopt and embrace meaningful change. A POTS replacement shows customers and competitors that you’re focused on technology and innovation.

Modern Communication

The need for immediate communication and collaboration has grown and will continue to grow. A POTS replacement gives you the flexibility and mobility you need for seamless productivity and a workforce who can collaborate from anywhere.

Monthly Service Savings

A POTS replacement removes the costly physical infrastructure and the need for constant upkeep. Eliminating these needs can significantly save you on your monthly service bill charges, leaving you money to invest back in your growing business.

Robust & Customizable

You don’t just get solutions to meet your needs, you also get a robust platform and a plethora of customizable features to meet the needs of your business. You get access to features that will streamline your business operations and day-to-day tasks.

Better Customer Experience

Communications features that improve customer experiences come with a POTS replacement. Employees can be more responsive and offer the customer service that’s expected today. Features like auto attendants and call queues elevate your CX.

Geo Redundant Reliability

Our POTS replacement gives you the reliability and peace of mind needed in your modern business. Geo redundant backups protect your important data, keep you connected and minimize potential downtime - avoiding potential lost revenue!

Get Future Ready!

Don’t wait for complete POTS elimination to make the change. We can help you future proof today.