Service Industry Phone System

Full-featured business communications for service personnel on-the-go.

Quality Service for On-the-Go Personnel

Deskless Employees

Our new business mobile communications offering will enable your deskless employees on the go to communicate using your business numbers and business identity on any mobile phone.

Seamless Communication

Now your field service technicians, repair and installation personnel, home healthcare workers, delivery drivers and other mobile employees can communicate just like they are using a business desk phone in the office.

Mobile Employee Service Industry Phone System
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Unmatched Benefits

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Technology

Thanks to next-generation Fixed-Mobile Convergence technology, the service seamlessly integrates any standard mobile phone into your company’s business communications. It turns the mobile phone into an extension that can be used for business communications without any special steps needed by the user.

Cloud UC Platform Functionality Diagram

Use Case Examples

Brand Recognition

An HVAC installation technician calls a customer because he is running late to an appointment. The call is identified with your company name and number, so the customer is more likely to pick up.

Home Healthcare - Service Industry Phone System

Every Interaction Recorded

A home healthcare worker takes a call from a patient and the call is automatically captured and archived so there is a record of the interaction.

Plumber - Service Industry Phone System

Reaching The Right People

A customer calls your main number with an urgent plumbing repair request. Your answering service representative seamlessly forwards the call to a plumbing repair technician in the area and a repair appointment is set.