Switching to Fiber

By now, we’re sure you know just what fiber internet brings to the table. Who doesn’t want increased internet speed and more streaming capabilities? But just like everything else in the world, changing from something you know to the unknown can seem a little intimidating. Well, we’re here to walk you through just what switching to fiber would be like for you. We want to make the entire process as easy and carefree as possible for you!

How to Switch to Fiber – 6 Steps to Switch to Fiber

  1. First things first, when it comes to switching to fiber, you’ll need to know if its accessible to your location. At this point in time 25% of internet in the United States is provided through fiber optics. If you’re unsure whether fiber is available in your location, give us a call, we’ll let you know right away.
  2. Once you find out that fiber is available to you, you need to choose the right package. Different packages offer different advantages, so don’t be afraid to ask us which one is right for you.
  3. You’ve found fiber in your area and chosen a package. Hooray! You’re one step closer to lightning fast connections! Now you’ll have to schedule your installation. You will need to grant access to both the indoor and outdoor of your home for the installation process. The technician will run cable from an equipment box near you, to a utility box that will be installed on the exterior of your home. This box will then be connected to your router via an ethernet cable.
  4. The next step is purchasing or leasing a fiber-ready router. These routers were designed to accommodate the speeds fiber internet brings, which is why a standard router just won’t do.
  5. After everything is all installed, your tech will then help set up your WIFI-enabled router and connect your variety of devices. You’ll have an assigned network name and password, but as with traditional cable internet, these are changeable through your routers interface.
  6. Sit back and relax! You’re ready to enjoy all your current internet activities and MORE – now at faster speeds!
prepare for fast internet - switching to fiber

Benefits of Switching to Fiber

Now that you’re thinking about switching to fiber, let’s talk about the benefits you’ll see with fiber versus traditional cable.

Obviously, first and foremost, with fiber comes unmatchable speed. Traditional cable allows for upload speeds between 5-50 Mbps and downloads between 10-500 Mbps. But with fiber, you can expect speeds between 250 and 1000 Mbps, whether uploading or downloading! Additionally, fiber can reach speeds up to 100x faster than cable. So streaming movies, gaming, or video conferencing will be crisp, clear, and have no delays.

Fiber is also more secure than DSL, so you don’t have to worry about security while enjoying your speeds. Plus, the fiber cables being used now are nowhere near their limit. Meaning, their speeds are not capped out yet, as technology advances your connection will as well! Without having to change your cables out! So, as data consumption rises, you can sit comfortably knowing that you’re ready for the future.

What’s holding you back?

Fiber internet was designed to improve your life. In these ever changing times, you can be certain SUMOFIBER has your back. Whether you work from home, have multiple kids on your network trying to zoom for school, or just have high internet usage hobbies, fiber is sure to be the right move for you!

SUMOFIBER offers a grassroots approach, guaranteeing superb customer service that is rare among the big guys. Our goal is to give you the attention you deserve, no matter your contract size. We are a trusted and top-rated UTOPIA fiber provider, delivering the fastest speeds available to our business and residential customers. Want to learn more about SUMOFIBER? Give us a call today at 801-320-1000.

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