UTOPIA Fiber Utah: Get Connected 

If you are the owner of a business or just a regular consumer, the speed of your internet is a big deal. In the business world, time is money and a slow connection should not be what makes or breaks you. Therefore, there is a lot to be said about the research you do behind finding faster internet speeds for your business.  

What you may be starting to discover on your journey is that fiber internet boasts faster speeds than traditional cable internet. But the main problem with fiber internet is that it is not available in many locations. Luckily, this fact is seeing improvements each day, thanks to UTOPIA Fiber, Utah!  

What is Fiber Internet? 

Fiber internet is an alternative way to deliver internet service to residential homes and businesses. The cables that deliver the internet are made of insulated, but very thin, glass. In fact, the glass fibers are thinner than a strand of human hair. With many of these glass fibers bundled together, they create the full fiber optic cable that brings you internet.  

With fiber optic cable, data is transmitted using light signals. The fiber optic cable network is buried underground. This gives the cables an extra layer of protection against the elements.  

How is Fiber Different than Cable? 

Traditional cables are different. They are made with a copper core wrapped in aluminum, wrapped in copper, wrapped in a plastic coating. These cables are called coaxial cables. While traditional copper wiring is more accessible to the public than fiber cables, copper does not function as well as fiber.  

Benefits of UTOPIA Fiber for Utah 

There are some major benefits to fiber internet. The top two benefits undoubtedly are speed and reliability. However, the added security of data through fiber internet should not be discounted.  


Internet speed is one of the deciding factors users think about before they decide on a service provider. Who will give them the most speed at the most affordable price?  

On the other hand, SUMOFIBER delivers up to 10 gigs. This is because the data delivered by fiber is sent via light. This means that the data literally travels near the speed of light.  

With fiber-optic technology, you can access the fastest speeds in the nation. Plus, you’ll get symmetrical speeds for upload and download times, meaning faster streaming and reliable video conferencing connections. 


Fiber connections allow you to stream uninterrupted with very little downtime, no matter how many devices you have connected. UTOPIA Fiber maintains and builds our network for maximum uptime and uses backup generators to ensure that we rarely, if ever, have network outages. 

Future Proof 

Fiber optics can handle immense amounts of data, which means it can power applications we haven’t even thought of yet. So no worrying about new technology coming out and making your fiber obsolete. It’s in it for the long haul! 

Get Ready for UTOPIA Fiber Utah! 

If you are in Utah, you are in for a treat. UTOPIA Fiber is available in these cities https://www.utopiafiber.com/cities/ This is great news for businesses and residents who are fed up with slow internet speed and unreliable connections. UTOPIA Fiber Utah is the leading fiber internet network in your area. It’s proven its reliability throughout many Utah locations and is always expanding!  

If you’re looking to take advantage of this growth, SUMOFIBER can help! As a leading UTOPIA Fiber Provider, we can help you get connected to this trusted network and get your home or business ready for these lightning-fast speeds! Contact us today to see if UTOPIA Fiber Utah is available in your area! 


SUMOFIBER is a local Utah business offering a grassroots approach to customer service that is rare among other providers. Our goal is to be responsive, professional, and dependable with a team that stands ready to help you succeed. Whether you’re a business, large or small or a residential customer, you will receive the attention you deserve and SUMOFIBER is ready to help!

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