Call Transcription – Why You Might Need It 

Non-verbal customer support options – such as chatbots and online forms – have surged over the last ten years. As more customer support centers began taking an omnichannel approach to connecting with customers, it seemed like calling had fallen by the wayside. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, over 98% of consumers are still calling in to support lines to talk to a “real person.”  

Each of these phone conversations is valuable to your business because they give you the opportunity to build trust with your customers as well as maintain an excellent reputation in your industry. These calls also contain data that, when analyzed, can give you valuable insight into customer preferences as well as market trends. But how do you begin analyzing that data? One simple way is with call transcription. 

What is Call Transcription?  

Similar to voice transcription, call transcription is the process of converting a verbal conversation into written text. It displays exactly what was said during a conversation, allowing your customer support team to gain better insight into the content of that specific interaction. Not only that, but it also provides a record they can refer to later if needed. 

What are the Benefits of Call Transcription? 

There are multiple benefits to call transcription, for your customers, your agents, and your business. When utilized correctly, and well, call transcription services allow you to: 

1) Maintain Customers’ Satisfaction 

Your customers want to speak to an agent who knows them. Or, at the very least, an agent who knows their history with the company. According to a study conducted by Salesforce, 70% of customers say service agents’ awareness of sales interactions is fundamental to keeping their business. Call transcription gives agents the ability to familiarize themselves with previous customer conversations, allowing them to make personal recommendations and connections they wouldn’t have made otherwise. That sort of personal touch builds customer trust and leads to excellent word-of-mouth recommendations which, in turn, can boost your sales. 

2) Gain Competitive Intelligence 

Keeping a log of your call transcripts will give you agents the insight they need to track trends and popular topics among customers and, oftentimes, the market as a whole. Perhaps a few customers have mentioned a deal one of your competitors offered, or a new feature that they’re offering that you might not have. Agents can pass that information on to the sales team, or the development team, allowing you to adapt to new market trends in real-time.  

3) Identify Struggling Agents 

One of the benefits of call transcription is that it allows contact center managers a deeper level of insight into agent performance. Management can easily review the transcripts, see any areas that might need improvement, and begin brainstorming strategies to help the agent reach their fullest potential.  

4) Improve Your Customer Service Workflows 

Like most businesses, you probably have a customer service process you require your agents to follow. Do they have a recommendation about this product? Route them to this extension. Do they want to upgrade their service? Send them to this manager. Call transcription allows you to see how customers react to that process. 

Do they get frustrated about having to transfer multiple times to get to an expert? Do they react well to scripted questions, or do they prefer a more laidback approach? Having these datapoints empowers you to create a customer experience that’s not only unique to your business but also satisfying to your customers. 

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