You Need Business Fiber Internet – Here’s Why

Fiber internet is far from “new”. In fact, fiber optic cables have been around since the 1950s. With all the benefits and perks to fiber optic internet, you would think that fiber internet would be our norm. However, some people still have never heard of fiber internet, don’t know the benefits, and don’t know why business fiber internet can improve office communications. Below, we will discuss what fiber internet is and why your business needs it.  

What is Business Fiber Internet? 

Simply stated, fiber internet is internet service delivered through fiber optic cables. We all know that you can’t define a word with a word, so let’s dig a little deeper into that definition. As most people receive the internet, it comes to a residence or business through coaxial cables.  These “traditional” coaxial cables are made of copper wires. Fiber cables, on the other hand, are made of tiny cables of glass. These cables are just a little thicker than human hair. Many fibers are bundled together to make the full fiber optic cable. 

The construct and materials of the cable are not the only thing that sets fiber cable apart. Internet itself is an exchange of data. With a traditional copper cable, this exchange is done with electrical pulses. However, with fiber cable, this exchange is done with light. 

A Better Way to Internet 

Now that we have a basic idea of what fiber cable is, we can start to discuss why fiber internet is a better option for data exchange and why business fiber internet should be the norm. The two outstanding benefits of fiber internet are speed and reliability.  


Fiber internet is faster than traditional cable internet. This is due to the materials and data capacity levels of said materials. Think about how and why copper cables were introduced. They were created for telephone lines.  Telephones were invented in the late 1800s, and to quote a famous advertisement, ‘we’ve come a long way, baby’ since the late 1800s. As our technology advances, copper wire and cables do not. They have a limit to just how much data they can carry.  

While we continue to push our technology advances forward, we increase the amount of data being exchanged not only day by day, minute by minute but even second by second. Fiber internet is capable of carrying high amounts of data very quickly. In fact, because the data is transmitted by light through glass, data is transmitted at about 70% of the speed of light.  

One thing is for sure, fiber internet provides the fastest download and upload speeds in the market. Download speed is important for downloading high amounts of data and streaming. Upload speed is when you are sending data. For example, video conferencing and gamers need high upload speeds.  

As you get further away from your internet service provider, your signal gets weaker, and you lose your internet speed. If you have a coaxial cable connection, this is especially problematic due to the lower internet speed capabilities.  


More than anything in your business, you need service you can rely on. While it doesn’t happen very often, our coaxial cable internet is susceptible to electrical interference and power outages. As a result, your business can take a hit. Fiber internet cables are much more reliable and suffer no issues from electromagnetic interference. 

Another pain point can be slow speeds during high traffic hours. With coaxial cables, your internet comes from a shared hub with the rest of your block. When everyone shares the same hub, this creates a lag when everyone is trying to access the internet at the same time.  

Your Business Needs Fiber 

Your business fiber internet can give you consistent high performance for data intensive tasks. This can make a big difference to your bottom line. As you continue to add internet capable devices via the internet of things (IoT), you are adding to your data load. With business fiber internet, that data load is not an issue, and you can continue your day-to-day tasks without worrying about connectivity or internet speed issues.  

Your Business Fiber Internet Solution 

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