Fiber Internet.

You Deserve That All Day Connection.

Ahhh yes. That feeling you get when your pages and shows load instantly. Nothing beats it! Want to have that feeling follow you from work to play and everything in between? Let SUMOFIBER outfit you in the latest fiber internet fashions, straight off the runway…well technically from a data center, but you get the idea!


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Phone Service.

Our Reliable Solutions Puts You Just A Call Away.​

Dropped calls leave you feeling frustrasted? Like, just as your aunt gets to the juicy piece of gossip…or worse, when you’re finally about to make that tough sale. At SUMOFIBER, we know just how important a good phone connection is! We give you the tools to keep you available through it all! 

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I Like Your Home.

Let's Talk Residential!


Looking for internet that can handle your household? Whether you're gamers, movie buffs, or workaholics, SUMOFIBER has the internet that can keep up with anything!


Ring, ring! Hello? It's SUMOFIBER calling! Want a calling app that does more? Check out our Digital Home Phone Service to see all the features and benefits available to you!


Get all the channels your heart desires, with SUMO Television, brought to you by yondoo. With packages starting at $25.75 a month, we've got the ultimate t.v. viewing experience for your family!

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