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We connect you to the world with blazing speeds of up to 10Gb per second! SUMOFIBER is the highest-rated fiber provider with the goal of providing outstanding service and customer support and of course lightning-fast fiber internet!

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MDU & Business Internet

SUMOFIBER is happy to provide the lightning-fast fiber internet to your MDU and office.

Stream, upload, search, scroll, and succeed faster with a dedicated fiber line.

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Invest in Your Future

Connecting fiber to your home or office could raise the property value.



Robust, broadband access with speeds of up to 10Gb. Once you go fiber, you won't go back.

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Dedicated Internet

Serving all premises with Fiber-to-the-Home, you get a dedicated and more reliable internet.

unbeatable value

Unbeatable Value

SUMOFIBER delivers exceptional service on top of unbeatable fiber infrastructure.

I’ve had SUMOFIBER for over a year now and haven’t had any issues with it. I switched from Comcast where I was paying $50/month for data over the 1TB cap and I was having to restart the modem daily or weekly due to network problems. With Sumo, I haven’t ever had to restart my modem unless I restart my personal router for some reason.

The speed is fast, my wife and I cut cable 3 years ago and we have no problem streaming 2 Rokus and a computer or tablet along with phones all at the same time. I’m a 24/7 student and I have to have internet all the time, this is the best internet I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants great internet!! With Sumo, I’m paying 1/2 what I did for Comcast.

Chris Hunt

happy utopia fiber customers


Scott Cheshire
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I have never had a phone or internet company as responsive as Sumo has been over the last 4 years or so that we have used them. Very pleased with Sumo and not planning to return to the traditional carriers any time soon.
Katie Willis
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Connection has been wonderful.... way better then what we had before. Customer service was great. Helped me get things figured out quickly. Thank you Sumo!
D McBee
Local Guide
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Sumo fiber has by far the best customer service. They are very helpful. The internet is blazing fast. Customer for life. Thank you Sumo Fiber.
Lyle Tiemann
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I had an issue with the speed of my Internet connection. I spoke with Danny and he explained how to check my speed and to verify that I am truly getting what I’m paying for. It turns out it was my laptop. I’m paying for 250Mbps and as it turns out I was actually getting 278Mbps!! No complaints here!! Thanks Sumo for great Customer Service!!
Glenn Marsh
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Great service. Great product. Great customer experience. I would HIGHLY recommend Sumo to all my friends who might be looking for an Internet service provider.
Jared Salisbury
Local Guide
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Sumofiber is amazing! I've had their service for about 4 years now and it's been fantastic. Anytime I've had a minor issue come up, I call or chat with someone locally and they help me solve my problems quickly. Speeds are lightning fast, price is TOTALLY right, and the team is awesome and helpful. What more can you ask for?
Lindsie Brown
Local Guide
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Have been able to access support within minutes of reaching out. Chase talked to me like a person (no generic script) and was patient while we tried a laundry list of weird things to get my service up and running - which we did! Its a huge difference from trying to get support from Comcast or another large company.
Amanda Martinez
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I always receive the best service, as well as great customer service. I highly recommend Sumo to anyone looking for fast, reliable, affordable internet.
Ryan Miller
Local Guide
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Sumo Fiber has been amazing! I have had OVER the speeds that I signed up for! I recently had an issue with slow speeds so I had to call customer service. They were incredibly helpful and helped me figure out the problem, which was actually on my end and not theirs.
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