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SUMOFIBER started as an internet service provider on the Utopia Fiber network in early 2011. We disrupted the market by offering our internet services for half the cost compared to other providers on the network. After a year we added phone service and a nice Business Hosted phone system and with our cost savings and cutting edge VoIP phone system that was second to none, our customer base increased rapidly. After a successful track record of 8 years serving the Utah community, we were invited to provide service to both Idaho Falls and Ammon, Idaho.

In addition, we have a robust channel network and white label program which provides opportunities for partner companies which promotes effective, Unified Communications.

Your Needs. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

As a local business we offer a grassroots approach to customer service that is rare among other providers. Our goal is to be responsive, professional, and dependable with a team that stands ready to help you succeed.

Whether you’re a business, large or small or a residential customer, you will receive the attention you deserve and SUMOFIBER is ready to help!

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The Beginning

Back in 2003, the President of SUMOFIBER, David Burr, started nexSIP, a small company selling Asterisk based phone systems. These were days of open source phone system platforms and not many people were installing and servicing them, as you can imagine, we installed a lot! In 2009 we sold our customers to 1wire.


We formed a new company, SUMOFIBER LLC, in 2011, and began selling Internet data services.  Our small company kept growing and by 2012 we added a hosted PBX platform to our product offering and designed a unique “cookie cutter” way of doing installations. We utilize a managed router and a separate internet connection which provided an extremely high-quality service to our customers.

To accommodate the additional growth, we purchased a larger platform in 2018.  This allowed for many added new features and a higher level of redundancy.

Also, in 2018, we expanded our operation to Idaho Falls and Ammon. Today we have thousands of businesses and residential customers enjoying SUMOFIBER’S reliability, top-notch features, service and cost savings in Utah and Idaho.

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