SUMOFIBER Promos & Referral Program

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Current Promo: First Month Free


UTOPIA Customers



Yellowstone fiber *

Bountiful fiber *

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Rules: Codes valid until Dec. 31, 2024. Must be a new customer. Only applies to Premium Data Services. Credit applied upfront, but must remain a customer for 3 months.

PROMO CODE must be applied to the order form or by calling SUMOFIBER prior to installation.

Can not be combined with any other promotional offer.


*Credit limited to $80 in Utah/Idaho/Lehi

*Previous to 12/9 credit was limited to $48

***not valid with the $40/mo (1 gig) promotional pricing.

Referral Program

Earn a $35 credit when you refer a friend!

How it Works

unbeatable value


Fill out the form below to refer a friend.

improved roi


You earn a $35 credit for the referral and your friend gets their first month free when they sign-up using the promo code above.



Submit referrals for up to 3 total friends.

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Terms: This promotion credit does not apply to installation fees, UTOPIA/City fees, or hardware. SUMOFIBER referral program is intended for new SUMOFIBER customers only and will not apply retroactively to accounts. Referrals must choose Premium Data not Basic Data plans. New customers earn a credit of up to $48 when using promotion code: FREEBIE when signing up for new service. Limit of 3 referral credits per customer.

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