UTOPIA - Where is it available?

If you live anywhere in the great state of Utah, then chances are you’ve at least heard of UTOPIA Fiber at some point. You may be skeptical of the idea of it. You’ve had your traditional internet provider for so long, it’s hard to not be leery of change. But chances are, if we’ve got you here, you’ve got some concerns when it comes to these “tried and trusted” brands we’ve all grown accustomed to.

What is UTOPIA Fiber?

But what’s available to me out there? I thought everyone had the same type of internet, what even is Fiber internet? Simply put, Fiber Internet is a broadband connection that is made up of tiny strands of plastic or glass wrapped together into cables that transmit light to deliver the internet, straight into your home. But wait, isn’t that the same as traditional internet? Wires traveling everywhere, connecting us to the world wide web?

The big difference is that traditional internet uses copper wires. While yes, this method works, it does not work nearly as fast as fiber. Our internet demands are only increasing. We demand faster downloads, HD movies, and seamless video conferencing. Copper just can’t keep up with our needs.

Now, let’s get specific and talk about UTOPIA Fiber. UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) Fiber is owned by 11 Utah cities, and boasts thousands of miles of fiber optic infrastructure. Think of UTOPIA as the internet connection version of a highway. It’s all established for your use, but you still need a vehicle. This is where SUMOFIBER comes in. We are your vehicle to get you from point A to point B. And Fiber is your fastest route!

Why should I choose UTOPIA Fiber?

Maybe you’re okay with your current internet speeds. You’re a patient person, you don’t mind waiting a bit longer. Well there are a medley of additional benefits that may provide you with that last bit of encouragement if you’re still feeling on-the-fence about switching.

Obviously as previously mentioned, UTOPIA Fiber brings speed. But seriously, it’s worth mentioning again. UTOPIA can bring speeds 30x faster than tradition internet. Residential customers can see speeds up to 1 Gbps, and commercial customers up too 100 Gbps! And that’s consistent whether you’re uploading or downloading.

You also get your own dedicated line. Which means you don’t have to share, so you get to keep all of that glorious bandwidth to yourself! Additionally, UTOPIA Fiber is essentially “future proof”. It can handle MORE than our current technology can throw at it. So, as SUMOFIBER evolves, UTOPIA is ready for it!

Where is it available?

While we wish UTOPIA was available throughout the entirety of Utah, it is currently available, with some restrictions, in these communities: 

  • Brigham City 
  • Centerville 
  • Layton 
  • Lindon 
  • Midvale 
  • Morgan City 
  • Murray 
  • Orem 
  • Payson 
  • Perry 
  • Tremonton 
  • West Point 
  • West Valley City 
  • Woodland Hills 

UTOPIA Fiber is available to both residential and commercial customers, and it’s expanding frequently, so if it’s not available to you now, check back frequently to see when it could become available or reach out to us directly to see if your area is on the roadmap. To see if it’s available to you right now, head over to our order page, select Utah and fill out the first stage of the form.

Switching from traditional internet to UTOPIA Fiber internet may seem daunting, but it is a decision well worth making. Not only will it improve your internet usage now, but literally for years to come as we move forward, and technology capabilities continue to grow. Fiber is the way of the future, and we at SUMOFIBER, want to set you up with the best possible internet.

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