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Blazing Speeds – Global Connection

UTOPIA Fiber connects you to the world with speeds of up to 10Gb per second, significantly faster than DSL or cable internet. We’re a local business here at SUMOFIBER and the highest rated UTOPIA Fiber provider. Our goal is not only to provide lightning-fast fiber internet, but also outstanding service and customer support! 

times faster

Step Into The Future With UTOPIA Fiber

While different internet types can sometimes feel like they’re all the same, there’s a big difference between traditional internet and fiber internet.  

Fiber Internet

Traditional Internet

Why Choose UTOPIA Fiber?

UTOPIA can give you speeds 30x faster than traditional internet – residential customers up to 1Gbps and commercial customers up to 100Gbps. UTOPIA’s unmatched signal and speed let you connect with the fastest internet in the nation, giving you a reliable and dedicated connection right to your home or office.  

Where Can You Get It?

UTOPIA is available in locations like: 

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